Pigeon Forge, Tenn., Nov. 29, 2016 — What better way to forget the tragic fires of the past 24 hours than to spend time with your loved ones and laugh with them? David Fee, president and chief executive officer of Fee/Hedrick Family Entertainment said, “As we review the situation in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, we realize how many people are in need, both from the fire and from the tremendous stress of the unknown. For those in our area that need a distraction from their troubles, we hope you’ll come join us at The Comedy Barn® Theater in Pigeon Forge tonight, Tuesday November 29th at 8:15 pm for a FREE SHOW. Making people forget their troubles is what we do best, as laughter is truly the best medicine, so we wish to utilize our resources for the betterment of this community that we love.

“We have contacted the local shelters and the City is providing FREE transportation to our show from the shelters,” Fee said. “Christmas should be the happiest time of year and yet our hearts break for our friends and neighbors in need today. With over 400 employees we understand what has happened to our area. We have employees who have lost their homes and everybody in our company wants to help.”

Cast members of “A Comedy Barn® Christmas” include: Danny Devaney, a former Ringling Brothers circus clown; Perry Edenburn as comedian “Harley Worthit, known for his 29 seasons in Branson at the “Down Home Country” and “Comedy Jamboree” shows;” Greg Franklin, a magician/comedian who plays the country magician “Farmer Clem” and previously worked at the Carolina Nights Dinner Theater in Maggie Valley; Stephen Knowles, an award winning ventriloquist, comedian and man of many voices; Eric Lambert, a comedian who has appeared on “David Letterman,” “Showtime” and an “Evening at Improve”; and Anthony King and his trained animal act who previously worked at “The Comedy Pet Variety Show” in Lakeland, Fla., and has appeared on “Jay Leno” and “Animal Planet;” and Jill Mason, a singer/musician. Musicians include Ron Jeffery, member of the original Archie Campbell “Heehaw” band as well as drummer, Buddy Cline; band director/utility player, Clyde Foley Cummins and lead guitar/singer Charlie King. Cloggers are: KatiAnne Taylor and Autumn Peacock.

The Fee/Hedrick Family Entertainment Group is one of the largest show production companies in the southeast. The company also owns and produces other major shows in the Smoky Mountain area including: “Christmas at the Smoky Mountain Opry,” The “Hatfield and McCoy Christmas Disaster Dinner and Feud™,” “The Smith Morning Christmas Show” featuring the Charlie Bob Smith and “Magic Beyond Belief™” starring Darren Romeo (which will reopen in March).