Searching the HEART of America for Great Talent For The Making of THE MIRACLE!

The Miracle TheaterPigeon Forge, TN – On a nation wide quest to find the most talented performers in the nation, Smoky Mountain entertainment mogul, David Fee, is tapping one of America’s most precious resources: The Churches.

March of 2006 will usher in a new era in entertainment for the family vacation hub, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The Fee/Hedrick Family Entertainment Group will present their most elaborate production to date: The Miracle, an original, epic musical about the entire life of Christ. It will be a multi media, multi sensory, multi- million-dollar production featuring a cast of more than 100 actors, singers, dancers, gymnasts, stunt specialists, and support professionals!

Fee is sending teams of producers, choreographers, vocal coaches, directors, and others to various churches to select the most suitable talent for The Miracle. A film crew is documenting every step of the audition an production process in the first documentary/reality series of its kind called: The Making of THE MIRACLE. Set for television broadcast in the Winter/Spring of 2006.

Auditions are being held in some of the largest churches and Christian Universities in America. This huge talent search will take place every Saturday from August 20 until November 19, 2005. The audition trail will take Fee’s team throughout the Southeastern US. Audition sites have been carefully selected to provide easy access to the largest number of individuals who wish to participate.

Not exclusive to churchgoers, the purpose of this audition process is to locate extraordinary talent. Anyone between the ages of 18 and 60 who can sing, dance, act, or any combination of the three is welcomed to sign up for the audition site nearest them. Check the web site for audition locations, instructions, and the registration form.

The Miracle Theater [home of The Miracle] will take the place of what is currently known as the Louise Mandrell Theater, which was purchased last April by the Fee/Hedrick Family Entertainment Group. The Fee/Hedrick entertainment conglomerate also owns and operates the region’s most successful shows: The Comedy Barn, Black Bear Jamboree, and The Blackwood Breakfast Variety Show.