Pigeon Forge, TN – After eight years, the Louise Mandrell Theater will close at the end of December and when it reopens in March, it will showcase one of the first faith-based productions in the Southeast.

As WVLT Volunteer TV’s Stephen McLamb learns, while millions will be poured into the production, officials don’t think it will take a miracle to be a success.

The Louise Mandrell Theater will close at the end of the year and be replaced by The Miracle.

“This theater will become one of the largest faith-based theaters in the entire United States,” says Shelley Layne, public relations director.

The experience will begin in the parking lot.

“You may even be shown to your parking place by a Roman Centurion on horseback or a shepherd might take you to your seat inside the theater,” says Layne.

Officials say the musical production will unfold on stage with more than 100 singers, dancers, and others depicting the entire life of Jesus Christ.

“From creation to the very end and not only are you going to see the creation you are going to feel the creation,” says Bob Eubanks, marketing director.

So when the Louise Mandrell curtain closes and the Miracle curtain opens, will it be as successful?

“With the movie The Passion of the Christ it has brought back so much to people about their faith and what they believe in and so I think it will be something interesting, something that’s not available right now,” says Joan Basso, who wants to see the Miracle.

“Well, if it gets the Word of God across, If it takes entertainment to do it, lets do it,” says Larry Sommer, who supports the Miracle.

The theater will be closed January and February as renovations will be made with the first production of the Miracle set for March 10th.

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